Vladimir Raykov - Marketing Psychology Secrets Revealed
Vladimir Raykov

Marketing Psychology Secrets Revealed

I believe entrepreneurs change the world and make life easier! 
Yes, I'm talking about YOU and YOUR product or service. 

You've been working so hard on your product and you know it's awesome, right?

Well, let me tell you something...

You have a moral obligation to drive more sales and touch the lives of more people (yes, your target audience) as a result.  

My mission is to help you implement proven and deadly-effective marketing psychology secrets to your sales processes that will dramatically increase the number of people who say "YES!"

I'm Vladimir Raykov and I specialize in Marketing Psychology and Copywriting.
I currently teach well over 50000 students from 172 countries.

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Request the free video that's going to show you how to create an automated marketing funnel for your online courses. Even if you don't have an online course yet, you should not skip the video, otherwise, you might do costly mistakes in the long run. Enter your email and hit the button, I'm waiting for you on the other side. 

What Does The Video Cover?

  • What a marketing funnel is and how to use it to sell online courses ranging from $297 to $2997.
  • All of the tools I use to build an effective marketing funnel that drives sales on autopilot.
  • The 3 primary goals of a well-crafted marketing funnel (if the first 2 are missing, sales won't occur).
  • A real-life example of a marketing funnel that I use to sell my $497 premium program.
  • Discover and apply  modern marketing concepts that work today, not years ago.


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