Rick L. Brown, Texas, USA
11.10.2015 12:51

Clearly Presented and Very Enlightening !!!

Vladimir has once again taken a topic that few people ever consider, exhaustively researched it and presented it in terms that anyone can easily understand and identify within almost every Retail Environment and Television Commercial that they encounter. As a Professional Marketing Manager, his Passion for the topic is naturally evident. His Teaching and Illustrations are Engaging, Enlightening, Upbeat and thoroughly Enjoyable. I highly recommend this course. Great Job Vladimir !!! (Marketing Psychology: Influence Your Customers To Buy Now)

Jerry Zhou
13.08.2015 17:38

Very informative. points out stuff right in your face that you didn't notice before (...for me at least). Very good short and sharp. Cheers. (Marketing Psychology: Influence Your Customers To Buy Now)

11.08.2015 06:17

A ton of value in this course

I really enjoyed Vladimir's course and will recommend it to my friends. It was very easy to follow, dynamic, friendly and extremely valuable for my business and marketing plans. Thank you Vladimir, for making this available at Udemy! I'll be checking more of your work in the near future. All the best to you and much success! Cristianne. (Marketing Psychology: Influence Your Customers To Buy Now)

Matthew Cabrera
08.08.2015 06:19

Awesome and free.

Totally worth your time if you are into tips and great advice into marketing. (Marketing Psychology - Influence Your Customers To Buy Now)

Kelton Dunkley
08.08.2015 06:19

Simple and easy to understand

Vladimir breaks it down into easy to understand concepts and then works it up to show real life examples. An excellent course that even a basic consumer should use just so they understand marketing techniques. (Marketing Psychology - Influence Your Customers To Buy Now)

Rachel Travels
08.08.2015 06:17

Awesome instructor! Short course but very informative! (Marketing Psychology - Influence Your Customers To Buy Now).

Nikolcho Panov
30.06.2015 11:23

Excellent approach to Self-Leadership

Vladimir's "Self-Leadership System" course can be very beneficial for any entrepreneur or leader struggling to create a long-term vision and guiding principles for themselves or their company. The course provides the inspiration needed to get started in the right direction. You'll learn that the most important thing you can do as a leader is to apply systems approach to thinking, the importance of setting goals, build self-confidence integrated with your beliefs, and last but not least, why to become lifelong learner and how it can help you to become even better leader. The course is easy to follow with tons of useful information in one place. I highly recommend it for those new to this subject, and those who would like to have an excellent summary on Self-Leadership best practices.

Xavier Myers
30.06.2015 11:22

Concise advice from someone who has lived it

This course was well prepared, Vladimir doesn't rush through the course at anytime, but clearly and calmly presents the material in such an accessible way. Even the abstract ideas aren't explained in a pretentious way, which gave me confidence to change . Like he states in the video, that this course is not to get you overnight success, but to find a optimal way that works for you can't be stressed enough. Only serious people who are looking to enhance their lives need apply.

Michael Choke
30.06.2015 11:21

Expert Guidance on Achieving Goals

This course is great in explaining how to achieve your goals. The structure of the course has been well planned - each lesson is presented with great clarity in a concise, right to the point manner. This compact course is about as comprehensive as it should be without overwhelming me with too much information. Vladimir (the instructor) covers each topic engagingly with amazing attention to detail. Also, supplementary resources are generously provided whenever applicable. What impresses me most are the insights he shares based on his own experience - the practical tips that would save me a lot of time from having to figure it out myself. In a nutshell, if you're looking to learn how to achieve your goals, this course will help you get there effectively.

Iliyan Bonev
30.06.2015 11:19

Clear, well presented and engaging!

No matter in which field - if you want to succeed, then you need solid foundations. This course gives you just that - solid, well presented and profound knowledge about marketing. What I also enjoyed are the real life examples of successful companies and people shown in the course. As a great man once said "Knowing is not enough, we must apply.". So get the knowledge this course gives you and go apply it, at least I know I will.

Shane Lim
30.06.2015 11:17

Beginner's marketing blueprint and action plan

As a previous business student, this course is far more valuable than the textbook you are reading in your college. This course is not just about marketing theoretical knowledge, also a series of action plan to guide you on practical marketing.

C. Eliot
30.06.2015 11:16

Excellent Marketing Fundamentals!

Very fluid course with great insights about marketing from its origins to current day. Very crisp audio and nice visuals. Great place to start, if you're new to marketing and would like to build a solid foundation. Awesome!

Dennis Smith
30.06.2015 11:14

Full of great information on Marketing for those just starting.

The instructor knows the topic well and covers information about marketing in general and more in detail. He gives some information on the different types of marketing and books one can read to go further. I would recommend this course to anyone needing the knowledge to get started with marketing a product, business, online course or even an eBook.

30.06.2015 11:13

BEST Marketing Course on udemy

This is the real deal :) No fluff, just genuine, valuable information through and through. Which is very hard to come by as I feel a lot of marketers withhold information and knowledge just so they can make more money on their next ebook, course, etc. but you won't find any of that here. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in learning more about marketing fundamentals.