How To Create Lectures That Students Love - The Model Behind Over 2000 Positive Reviews
posted 20.05.2017 11:31
in E-Course Creation
Would you like to know how to create video lectures for your e-courses that students love? Would you like to receive hundreds of positive reviews from people all over the world? Would you like to learn the exact tactics I used to receive over 2000 positive reviews? Well, if you've answered "YES" to even one of these questions then you must read every single word in this blog post. During the pas...
Create An Outline For Your Online Course – Udemy & Skillshare
posted 08.01.2017 07:36
in E-Course Creation
Once you’ve decided what to teach, your next step is really important – course outline. It is crucial before you start any content production to have a clear, well-crafted and written down outline for your future course. I have created many courses – more than 10 so far and the best piece of advice I can give you is this: begin with the end in mind. Write is on a sticky note and...