Do I Have To Be An Expert In Order To Teach Online?
posted 06.01.2017 09:34
in Profit From E-Courses

Right now, there are hundreds of students going through my course on how to teach online. I have to answer many questions on a daily basis and what I've noticed is people are not confident in themselves, in the fact they have information to share and get paid. The biggest obstacle is the mindset:

"...I'm Not An Expert Enough..."

This kind of thinking is simply obstructive and it will not help you achieve your goals. Be they passive income per month, building your online business and personal brand or just expanding your networking.

Here are my thoughts on the topic - each of us has a unique personal story, unique experiences and specific kind of knowledge. Being an online instructor requires you to share what you know with other people in order to help them out!

Remember that you can teach a topic that you feel most comfortable about, people are looking for ANY kind of information nowadays.

There is a human bias called "the curse of knowledge" which simply means that when we know something, we have a hard time "seeing/thinking" from a perspective of people who do not know as much as we know. Therefore a piece of knowledge we have might look as "not a big deal (not worthy to share and get paid for)", whereas for a person who doesn't have access to the same piece of knowledge might be "a big deal". Did you get it? "Yes" - Cool!

We move on.

... in reality, there are people how would pay you to share what you know because it will save them time (they don't have to figure it out by themselves).

...Time Is One Of The Most Important Resources We Have, Help Me Save Time And I Will Pay You For That...

I'd ask you to recall an activity you do on a daily basis that you don't even have to think about (when doing it) because you've done it sooooo many times.

...maybe you have a morning routine of 5 things you do before breakfast that increases your productivity (great topic for an online course).

...maybe you have a specific way of organizing your emails into folders/labels, and generally setting up your email dashboard in a way that saves 15 minutes a day! How would that end up for a year?

...maybe you do yoga and other exercises in the morning.

...maybe you have a favorite topic that you've read many books on and have never thought you'd be able to monetize.

...maybe... you name it!

...Be proactive and think!...

My point is there are so many beneficial activities that could be organized into an online course.

Thousands Of Ordinary People just like you and me are teaching online, sharing their stories, generating income and increase the standard of their lives.

 Therefore, the phrase: "I'm not an expert" doesn't excuse you!

Remember the following sentence once and for all:

"You Have To Be One, Only One Step Ahead Of Your Target Audience And You Are Already An Expert!"

Enough talking, analyze what you know and decide the best pieces of knowledge in your head that would save people time, energy, troubles and create your course.

-Vladimir Raykov

Stay Purposeful!