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Vladimir Raykov

Marketing Psychology Expert

Hey, my name is Vladimir Raykov and I help  online entrepreneurs increase their sales and grow their businesses as a result.

What's all the fuss about Marketing Psychology

Marketing Psychology is about fundamental understandings of what motivates people to take action combined with cutting edge marketing strategies.

I’m obsessed with helping my students get results as fast as possible that’s why I created a free training that will help you start and develop your online teaching business as quickly as possible! Get the free training here: http://yourfirst1kstudents.com 
You don’t need to “figure it out”, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

Who Is Vladimir Raykov?

As an online instructor I teach well over 50000 students all around the world. I've sold tens of thousands of digital information products ranging from $7 up to $497. I do believe that creating and selling information products are the most critical skills would-be entrepreneurs have to master.


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  • Online Business Development
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Digital Information Product Creation

These websites send me thousands of dollars every month because I’ve created and launched my online courses there. If creating and selling a digital information product such as an online course is something that you want, I'd be happy to help you out.

Having said that, the fundamental purpose of this blog is to help beginner online entrepreneurs looking for way to generate residual income. That includes complete beginners in the online business world, non-fiction eBook authors looking for ways to generate additional revenue and beginner or intermediate bloggers looking for ways to monetize their blogs.

IMPORTANT: Non of the content here on this blog or in any of my courses (15+) teaches get-rich quick schemes or immoral tactics and strategies that will benefit business owners or would-be entrepreneurs. Building an online business requires time, effort and investments. Anyone saying otherwise is lying to you. ​

I’m also the creator of STEP-BY-STEP TO YOUR FIRST 1000 STUDENTS premium program and the SELF-MADE INFOPRENEUR that are available exclusively on my business school: http://raykov.teachable.com/

Self Made Infopreneur
Step-By-Step To Your First 1000 Students

I believe passionately in online teaching and learning and I also reckon that these two terms are the new currency of the future.

What Do Customers Say About Vladimir Raykov

Clearly Presented and Very Enlightening !!!

Vladimir has once again taken a topic that few people ever consider, exhaustively researched it and presented it in terms that anyone can easily understand and identify within almost every Retail Environment and Television Commercial that they encounter. As a Professional Marketing Manager, his Passion for the topic is naturally evident. His Teaching and Illustrations are Engaging, Enlightening, Upbeat and thoroughly Enjoyable. I highly recommend this course. Great Job Vladimir !!!

Dr. Rick L. Brown
This is simply amazing.
Jan Zavrel

​Another great course from Vladimir Raykov!

Another great course from Vladimir Raykov! I have taken several other marketing courses, but none of them covers psychology in the same way.Great supplement for anyone that are interested in digital marketing. Technolgy are a great tool, but understanding the customer are the key to success.The content is packed with valuable information and easy to follow. Great sound quality.

Norway Johnny Hov

​You need to take this course.

Vladimir is extremely knowledgeable and breaks down complex subjects into easy to understand material. You can learn more from taking a 1-hour course with Vladimir than you could in a year-long​ business course, it's that good.

Brent Dunn

I thought this was going to be a "Marketing 101" style course...

But it is way more than that! Each video is information dense, yet it's packaged in bite sized forms... allowing for easy retention.
A real work of art!

Adam Castle

This is just a small fraction of the reviews I have received as an online instructor. The screenshot below is taken from my Skillshare account, one of the online platforms for education I teach on.